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Fashion Design students from Raffles Design Institute, Tianjing, had a field trip in Heng Ming Fashion leading by lecturers S

College News

The Art Couture Fashion Show hosted by the Raffles Design Institute, Tianjin was held at the Jiu Si Art Zone( 九思艺术空间) near th

In December of 2011, my paper proposal on The Effective Use of Motion Pictures in the ESL Classroom was accepted for presenta

After the eager waiting of many people, RTJ “new style , new you” lecture finally took place in the high-end shopping mall Hi

After two years’ study, finally, the girl from Mongolia Enkhtuul Bold graduated from RTJ and will continue her one year study

Study in a Party? Why not? Welcome to our BA Programme’s Supper Bowl Party!

College Introduction

The College was set up in September 2008 and approved by Tianjin Education Bureau. Tianjin Raffles Design Institute is a joint-project between Tianjin University of Commerce Boustead College and Raffles Design Institute, Singapore.

Study Abroad

The advantage of wide international education network of Raffles Education Group, students of RTJ can easily realize their dream of study abroad through mutual transfer of credits.


Raffles College of Design and Commerce is a unique education provider based in Sydney, Australia specializing in design, visual communication and commerce.>>


Singapore, a beautiful island country. With a population of 4.35 millions, the country is a busy metropolis and reputed as 'Garden City' for its beautiful and clean environment. >>